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Metallbau Wilhelmer GmbH
Industry: metal
Locations: Kolbnitz, Majsperk, Mödling, Neuhaus, Leoben, Lavamünd

Address: Oberkolbnitz 13, 9815 Kolbnitz


Current job offers:

Social Media:Facebook ,Instagram  

Certification in the areas of fire protection technology, personnel management and apprenticeship training

Your local contact

work SEE/BERG balance

27 km to the nearest lake

next summit in 3.8 km

publicly available

This is what makes working at Metallbau Wilhelmer special:
Familial management, flexible working hours and good cooperation characterize us. Together we want to create impressive buildings and improve our company in the long term.

Flexible working hours depending on the area of application and agreement

Competitive remuneration, employee newsletters, flexible working time models, internal and external workshops, joint company celebrations, rewards for special achievements

Metallbau Wilhelmer invites interested parties to:

Matura projects in all areas

Holiday internships in all areas

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