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Am I a visible employer in the vital economic area of Upper Carinthia?

Kreatives Arrangement

How visible am I as an employer?

Becoming or remaining VISIBLE as an attractive employer in the target groups relevant to your company (e.g. career starters, experts, family/job "biathletes") is one of the main goals in order to always position your team well be able.



But, just between us: How is it in your company? May I invite you to take a very honest, perhaps even courageous, look at the employer mirror. No, you're right, the Snow White question doesn't get us anywhere. In truth, it's not about being more attractive than others, but about putting the advantages of the new German benefits of the management and corporate culture in the showcase. Authenticity is in demand: a difficult word and yet a MUST HAVE. It's not about dressing up, it's about inner beauty radiating outward to stay with Snow White. But enough of the fairy tale.

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Your challenge might be staying tuned to keep that awesome status. Sometimes an outside view is helpful for new approaches, ideas and starting points.  Please contact me if you would rather think about it as a couple rather than alone.


Were there no more than two times? Then I cordially invite you to a non-binding conversation.  In a personal conversation or a zoom call we can find out together whether and how a possible cooperation will help you and your company.

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