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Feldkirchen district

The smallest Carinthian district in terms of population borders on Styria in the north and is bounded on the south by Lake Ossiach. The main towns are Feldkirchen, Ossiach, Reichenau, Himmelberg, Steindorf and Gnesau. Tourism and industry are dominant in the district. In summer, tourism is spread over Lake Ossiach and in winter over the Turracherhöhe and Gerlitze.


The city is an educational center with 2 new middle schools, general and vocational high schools and is the location of the University of Applied Sciences for Health and Social Affairs. Economically, the city is characterized by many small businesses and by the Diakonie de La Tour, which runs a hospital and a retirement home here.

The city is also characterized by a high number of sports clubs.

The Ossiach Lake

The relatively flat lake nestles between the Gerlitze and Ossiacher Tauern.

The main town of Ossiach is known as the cultural center of the region with the Carinthian summer. The location is ideal due to its proximity to Villach and the recreational destinations of Gerlitze, Turracherhöhe and the Gnesau region.

Part of the Alpe-Adria Trail from Großglockner to Muggia also runs through the region.

The Turracherhöhe

The Turracherhöhe lies on the border between Carinthia and Styria in the Nockberge Mountains and is known for its stone pine forests.


An insider tip for those looking for relaxation has developed from the mining area. Skiing and hiking or dignified wellness is offered here.

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