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nockJOBS is a regional employer platform that invites you to discover professional opportunities and potential in the unique landscape of Oberkärnten*.  


Employers introduce themselves

Employers from all sectors and sizes are represented and present themselves here: family businesses, technology leaders, hidden champions, but also group companies and traditional companies. All unique in their own way.  

Vital economic area Upper Carinthia  

You have your location in Upper Carinthia in common. A wonderful landscape between lake and mountain, between high alpine and gentle mountains, between the lightness of the south and tradition. A region with affordable housing and optimal conditions for young families.

This variety of possibilities makes this region so attractive.

Ordentlicher Schreibtisch

nockJOBS sees itself as location marketing for a touristic and vital economic area in Oberkärnten*.

Work and live where you go on vacation!

Who hasn't always wanted to work and live where you spent your holidays? In Upper Carinthia* you can combine both - innovative jobs with the wonderful landscape between lake and mountain, between high Alps and rolling hills, between the lightness of the south and tradition.

nockJOBS brings employers and employees together in a vital economic area.   

Upper Carinthia* - the districts of Spittal, Hermagor and Feldkirchen - is primarily characterized by tourism. It ranks 1st in the economic structure. The vital economic area of Upper Carinthia almost always has a tourist purpose. Be it that the added value in the region can only be achieved through the income from tourism - only good overnight stays allow investment - or that companies act as suppliers or work directly as tourist service providers. Every business in the region also fulfills a tourist purpose - whether directly or indirectly.


Is nockJOBS a job board?

nockJOBS is not a job exchange, but is the umbrella brand  for employers in the region. nockJOBS Employers advertise their jobs on their websites. Her job posts can be found on social media with #nockjobs.  


What is the nockJOBS community?  The founding of the nockJOBS community 6 years ago is the cornerstone of today's nockJOBS brand. The nockJOBS community on Facebook is a marketplace for job searches and job offers. Many have already found their new job or their new team member here. Who is a member and try it out now.


Are you already a member of the nockJOBS community?

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